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November 23 Meeting Highlights

Election of Officers

The following members were electred to serve as Club officers for 2014: President - Harry Newman; Vice-president - Bob Nickell; Secretary - Bill Sproul; Treasurer - Gerald Chandler; Directors - Wayne Aliff, Cliff Baker, Jerald Carter, Mike Cope, David Vehrs

Twenty members, one new member, and three guests attended the November meeting on November 23. The Club competition was to use the multi-axis turning techniques demonstrated by Barbara Dill at the September meeting. Two entries were selected for special recognition: Red Eye Pot Belly by John Gregory and a pair of walnut goblets by Deve Vehrs. Additional examples of multi-axis turnings are shown on the Barbara Dill demonstration page.

Mike Cope talked about various design elements of footed bowls and showed several examples using bowls he has turned recently. He recommends two reference books published by the Taunton Press: Richard Raffan, The Art of Turned Bowls, ISBN 978-1-56158-954-8 and Derek Hayes, Woodturning Design, ISBN 978-1-60005-399-9. Cliff Baker then discussed several practical aspects of creating carved feet: design of the feet, layout, turning sequence, and the use of a multi-tool and power sander to quickly remove waste material and prepare the surface for finishing.

Club Challenge and Show and Tell Turnings

Rosanna Springston: First Bowl

Club Challenge Entries

Jerry Carter: Bowl from a Board

Wayne Aliff: Necklace Stand

Club Challenge Recognition

Nelson Dew: Candlestick

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