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November 18 - Annual Meeting

The November meeting will be held at Montwell Park on November 18. This will be the Club's Annual Meeting and election of officers for 2018. In addition to drawings for the door prize and raffle, members will show their recent turnings for Show and Tell. Members will also display the alabaster turnings that they created for the Club Challenge.

Summaries of almost all monthly club meetings are available on the Archives page

2017 Club Events

Club Meeting Dates, Demonstrations, and Challenges

The demonstration and challenge schedule will be presented at the January 28 meeting. Other than the January demonstration and Challenge, all topics are preliminary and may be changed to reflect the interest of the WVWA members. The dates of some meetings might be changed because of holidays.

January 28 Canceled, demonstrations and workshops rescheduled for February meeting.

February 25 demonstrations and workshops on sharpening and bowl, spindle, and pen turning.

March 25 Charlie Myers: Turning captive rings, Club Challenge displayed on May 20.

April 22 Semi-annual Wood and Tool auction; Wayne, Bill, and Cliff will show various ways to cut a bowl blank to emphasize different features of the wood. Three-fourths of the design of a turning is determined by the first chainsaw cut.

May 20 Cliff Baker: Turning a natural edge bowl from a complex crotch.

June 24Turning platters and dishes; Club Challenge displayed on August 26

July 22 Gray Craig: Casting and turning acrylic items.

August 19 Summer Barbecue at Bill Sproul's house in Keister.

September 23 Cliff Baker: turning alabaster,the Club Challenge displayed on November 18. Alabaster for the Challenge will be available at the subsidized price of $5.00 and larger blocks will be sold at cost.

October 28Semi-annual Wood and Tool auction; Bob Nickell: Turning Christmas ornaments

November 18 Annual Meeting and election of officers; Jim Meyer: Turn a winged bowl.

December 9 Christmas Party and the "Best of 2017" Instant Gallery. - the location, time, and cost will be announced later

Club Challenges

Several times each year, Club members are challenged to develop and expand their turning skills by turning an object that is typically based on a demonstration. These turnings are shown on the Club Challenge page. Several of the challenges this year will use purchased supplies. Materials will be ordered based on the number of Club members who will join the challenge and they will be asked to pay a nominal amount for the supplies.

March 25 Create a turning incorporating one or more captive rings, display turnings at the May meeting on May 20.

June 24 Turn a platter or dish and display it at the Summer Barbecue on August 26

September 23 Turn an object from alabaster and display it at the meeting on November 18.

Club Archives

Meeting Summaries

Summaries of almost all monthly club meetings are available on the Archives page


Demonstrations of specific woodturning techniques are presented throughout the year either by Club members or invited guests. Overviews of the demonstrations are available on the Demonstrations page.

Members' Shops

Several times each year, a Club member's shop is featured and these are included on the Shop page.

Shows and Demonstrations

One goal of the Club is to educate the public in the art and craft of woodturning. There are several fairs and exhibitions where Club members have the opportunity to demonstrate woodturning to the visitors. If you would like to demonstrate woodturning at one of these events or you know of another event where the Club might demonstrate, send an email to the Club President. At some of the events, Club members can sell their turnings even if they are not there as a demonstator. The dates for these events will be listed as soon as the Club's participation is confirmed.

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