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West Virginia Woodturners Association

The West Virginia Woodturners Association provides woodturners in southeastern West Virginia and western Virginia with an opportunity to meet other turners, enhance their skills, and share their skills and interests in woodturning. Send an email to to request additional information about the club and its activities.

Upcoming Events

Summer BBQ The annual summer barbecue will be held at Bill Sproul's house on Saturday, August 19. Details will be announced at the July meeting.

Alabaster Demonstration The alabaster turning demonstration will be presented at the September 23 meeting. Members will be able to purchase 4-5 lb blocks for turning at the subsidized price of $5. The Club Challenge will be to turn an object from alabaster and display it at the November meeting. Larger blocks can be ordered at the July meeting and will cost around $3 a pound (a block for a 5-6" bowl weigh around 15 lbs)

Fairs and Shows August 25, 26, 27 - Appalachian Arts and Crafts fair at the Beckley Convention Center; September 24 - CranberryShindig at the Cranberry Mountain Visitor Center; October 13 - Edgewood Craft Fair at the WV State Fairgrounds.

Next Meeting: July 22

The next meeting will be on June 24 at The Fort at Montwell Park from 9:30 AM until noon. Come by at 9:00 and enjoy coffee and donuts while you exchange ideas with other Club members. Gray Craig will show us how embedding objects in arylic plastic allows us to create unique blanks for turning pens and bottle stoppers and other methods for enhancing the design of turnings.

June 24 Meeting

Twenty two Club members and three guests attended the meeting on May 20. Everyone enjoyed coffee, donuts, and fellowship before the meeting and several won the drawings for the doorprize and raffle. Nine members displayed some of their recent creations. Harry Newman offered a very interesting demonstration on turning platters and dishes and offered a number of pointers for success.

Show and Tell

Cliff Baker mounted this maple crotch perpendicular to the grain

to demonstrate turning this bowl which emphasizes the contours of the crotch

while Charlie Myers mounted a crotch parallel to the grain and emphasized the crotch figure in this shallow dish.

Jerry carter turned these pens from stabilized chestnut burl and other materials.

Bob Nickell turned this pocket watch and desk clock from cherry burl and apple.

Bruce Brenneman turned this 8" walnut bowl that emphasizes the contrast between the sapwood and heartwood.

Gordon Gregory turned this bolt action pen.

This group of walnut rolling pins, pen, ice cream scoop, and bottle stopper wa created by Wayne Aliff

Mike Cope turned this 14" walnut bowl.

Harry Newman: Turning Platters and Dishes

Harry learned the craft of platter turning from Stewart Madeiros, a famous Hawaiian woodturner. Since then, he has turned hundreds of platters and dishes and they have become Harry's signature turnings.

(These photos illustrating Harry's demonstration were taken during a previous demonstration.)

Harry makes his own scrapers and long handles provide good control.

He orders steel bar stock from Lancaster Knives .

Whenever the scraper is not cutting cleanly, Harry sharpens it free-handed.

Harry always uses a faceplate and tailstock for added safety.

The outside profile has been truned to final thickness and  sanded.

Harry often uses a bead to acentuate the rim and bowl.

He turns from the rim towards the center and then makes the final cuts without the tailstock .

The bowl is ready to mount on Cole jaws so the tenon on the base can be removed.

Pointers for Turning Platters Shallow Dishes

General Club Information

For further information about any WVWA activity, call Bill Sproul at (304) 497-2319.

Supporting Companies

We would like to thank these companies for the support they have provided to the Club during the past year. Check out their websites when you are ready to purchase products that they stock.

Craft Supplies USA is a one-stop shopping site for everything a wood turner might need or want - lathes, tools, accessories, project supplies, materials, and more.

Woodcraft offers a 10% discount at the Roanoke store to WVWA members when they show a current membership card.

TurnTex supplies acrylic casting resin, solutions for stabilizing and hardening punky and spalted wood, and associated equipment.

by WVWA, a chapter of the American Association of Woodturners