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September 2017: Turning AlabasterCliff Baker showed how alabaster can be turned and finished using normal turning tools.

October 2013: Products for FinishingBill Sproul described how to produce a perfect finish on any turning.

September 2013: Offset Center TurningsBarbara Dill, a turner from North Carolina demonstrated how to design, lay out, and turn unusual shapes by changing the workpiece axis as individual elements are turned.

July 2013: Turning A Lidded BoxDave Vehrs and Jim Meyers demonstrated how to turn a lidded box with a threaded lid.

June 2013: Turning Pens and Bottle StoppersBob Nickell and Gerald Chandler demonstrated their preferred techniques for turning and finishing pens and bottle stoppers.

March 2013: Turning Spheres and Decoration Techniques Charles Nall demonstrated how he turns hollow spheres and decorates turned objects with veneer or incised and colored designs.

February 2013: Three Ways to Turn a Bowl Mike Cope, Harry Newman, and Cliff Baker demonstrated how they typically mount blanks and the techniques they use for turning bowls. Harry prefers to use a faceplate and scrapers, Mike uses a four-prong spur drive and an Ellsworth gouge, and Cliff uses a pin chuck and conventional bowl gouges.

November 2012: Wooden Threads Jim Meyer presented three ways to make wooden threads. Beall offers taps for cutting internal (female)threads and an accessory for a small router which cuts external (male) threads. Jim also showed how to cut internal and external threads using the Baxter Threadmaster. /p>

October 2012: Acrylic Casting Harry Newman demonstrated the process of embedding objects such as buttons, sea shells, watch gears, small computer components, and other colorful objects in acryllic plastic and then turning and polishing those castings to produce unique pens, bottle stoppers, and tops.

February 2012: Segmented Turning Jim Meyer presented a very interesting demonstration of segmented and laminated turnings. Jim gave pointers on how to design a segmented turning and how to precisely cut and assemble the segments to produce a blank ready for turning.

February 2011: Skew Chisel DemonstrationMark Soukup is a professional Windsor Chair maker from Gap Mills, WV and he showed us the techniques he uses with a skew chisel and detail gouge to turn the legs, stretchers, and spindles for his chairs.

January 2010: Kaleidoscope DemonstrationJim Meyer presented a demonstration of turning kaleidoscopes. Click the button to read additional information and photographs of the demonstration.

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