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Use of Tools

Skew Chisel Mark Soukup,a professional Windsor chair maker from Gap Mills,shows how he turns the dozens of spindles, legs, and stretchers that are used in a typical chair.

Skew Chisel Mark Soukup returns to WVWA and provides additional tips for successfully using the skew chisel.

Sharpen and Use a Skew Mark St.Leger sharpens and uses a skew chisel to turn a toothpick and delicate finials.

Bowl Scraper Harry Newman demonstrates how he turns a bowl using the technique developed by the Hawaiian woodturner Stewart Madeiros.

Ellsworth Grind Gouge Mike Cope shows how he uses a gouge with the Ellsworth grind to turn a thin walled natural edge bowl.

Jamieson Deep Hollowing System Bob Nickell uses the Club's Jamieson deep hollowing system to turn a hollow vessel.

Vacuum Chuck Cliff Baker describes how he built a vacuum adapter and chuck that he uses to complete the foot of natural edge bowls.

3 Methods for Sharpening The Wolverine and Tormek sharpening systems are demonstrated as alternatives to free-hand sharpening.

Sharpening Workshop The workshop covered the advantages of white and pink aluminum oxide and also cubic boron nitride abrasive wheels.The use of the Woodcut TruGrind sharpening jig was also demonstrated.

Basic Techniques and Skills

Turning as an Art Form Fred Wiman describes how various design elements contribute to wodturning as an art form.

Finishing Products Bill Sproul turned a set of cherry bowls and finished each one using a different commonly used finishing products.

3 Ways to Turn a Bowl Mike uses an Ellsworth gouge, Harry use a scraper, and Cliff uses a pin chuck and traditional gouges to turn bowls.

Turning Spheres and Decorating Charles Nall showed how he turns spheres and uses veneer inlays and colors to decorate his work.

Segmented Turnings The meeting was held at Jim Meyer's shop where he showed the various jigs and techniques he uses to construct blanks for segmented turnings

Multi-Axis Turnings Barbara Dill exhibited a number of intriguing turnings she created using multiple axes while turning.

Inside-Out Turnings Harry Newman showed how he designs, prepares blanks, and creates inside-out turnings.

Acrylic Casting Harry Newman embeds unusual items in acrylic plastic to create blanks for unique pens, tops, and stoppers.

Photo Pens Gray Craig wraps small photos around pen tubes and embeds them in acrylic to produce commemorative pens.

Creating Threads Jim Meyer showed how threads can be cut using a router, taps, Threadmaster tool, and handheld chasing tools.

Turning Alabaster Cliff Baker demonstrated how alabaster blanks are formed, mounted, turned using scrapers, sanded, and finished.

WoodburningLarry Weese offered many suggestions, tips, and advice as he showed how to use woodburning as a technique to decorate turnings.

Duplicating Spindles Bill Sproul describes how to reliably turn duplicate spindles for legs or other multiple components.

Off-Center Turning David Vehrs shows how he mounts platters off-center on a faceplate to create overlapping inlays.

Woodturning Projects

Pen Turning Bob Nickell and Harry Newman presented a pen turning workshop and offered many tips for creating high quality pens.

Pens and Bottle Stoppers Bob Nickell demonstrated how to turn pens and Gerald Chandler showed how he designs and turns bottle stoppers.

Lidded Boxes David Vehrs turned a box with a friction-fit lid and Jim Meyer showed how to chase threads on a box and its lid.

Green Natural Edge Bowl Cliff Baker demonstrated how he mounts, turns, and dries natural edge bowls from green wood.

Kaleidoscope Jim Meyer described how he creates a kaleidoscope with a segmented barrel, mirrors, an object box, and an end piece with a viewing hole.

Captive Rings Charlie Myers demonstrated how to turn captive rings on a spindle using conventional tools and finally releasing the rings using a captive ring tool that he designed.

Bowl from a Crotch Cliff Baker showed examples of how a crotch can be oriented on the lathe to create very different turnings. He demonstrated how he cut a blank from a complex crotch and turned it.

Christmas Ornaments Bob Nickell turned several ornaments that he uses to decorate Christmas trees.

Pepper Mills Cliff Baker demonstrated the steps involved in turning a pepper mill and how to fit and install the mechanism.

Craft Fair Demos Bob Nickell and Harry Newman showed a number of small items that can be quickly turned at craft fairs as a way to demonstrate woodturning.

Bowl from a Board Jerald Carter showed how rings can be cut from a board, assembled to form a bowl blank, and turned to yield a deep bowl.

Custom Handles Many turners find that the handles on commercial tools are too long, too short, too fat, or too thin. Charlie Myers shows how he makes handles that are just right for him using various hardwoods and plumbing fittings as ferrules.

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